Bonedi Barir Kali Puja Kolkata

Bonedi Barir Kali Pujo Kolkata. Collection of Bonedi Barir (Traditional family) Kali Puja at Kolkata(Calcutta).


House Name: Balaram Dey Street Dutta Barir / Ghosh Barir Kali Puja

Address159, Balaram De Street Kolkata , North Kolkata

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GOPR3170_Sukanta Pal_LR

House Name: Kalimata

AddressBalaram De Street Kolkata , North Kolkata (Besides of Balaram Dey Street Dutta Barir Puja)

GOPR3186_Sukanta Pal_LR

Name: Pathuriaghata Kali Puja

GOPR3209_Sukanta Pal_LR

House Name: Madan Mohan’s Dutta Barir Kali Puja

Address2, Dutta Para Lane, Kolkata – 700020

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IMG_0475_Sukanta Pal_LR

House Name: Haatkhola Dutta Barir Kali Puja

Address78, Nimtala Ghat Street, Kolkata – 700006

IMG_9320_Sukanta Pal_LR

House Name: Jorasanko Dawn Barir Kali Puja

Address12A Shibkrishna Dawn Lane , North Kolkata

GOPR3253_Sukanta Pal_LR

House Name: Tarak Pramanick Barir Kali Puja

AddressTarak Pramanick Road

GOPR3291_Sukanta Pal_LR

House Name: Chatubabu Latubabu Barir Kali Puja

AddressRamdulal Nibas, 67E Beadon Street ( Alias Dani Ghosh Street), North Kolkata

GOPR3269_Sukanta Pal_LR

House Name: Darjipara Mitra Barir Kali Puja

Address:19, Nilmani Mitra Street & 42, Beadon Row, North Kolkata

IMG_3394_Sukanta Pal_LR

House Name: Mahendra Srimani Barir Kali Puja

Address:17 Mahendra Srimani Street (Alias Sukea Street), Kolkata – 700009

IMG_7586 2_Sukanta Pal_LR

House Name: Chorbagan Mitra Bari Kali Puja

Address84, Muktaram Babu Street, North Kolkata

Nearest Metro : M.G Road Metro

IMG_0056_Sukanta Pal_LR

House Name: Sisir Kumar Halder Bari Kali Puja

Address15 Ramanath Kabiraj Lane ( 55 Sashibhusan Dey Street)

Nearest Metro : Chandni Chowk Metro

IMG_0064_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_0076_Sukanta Pal_LR

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Some Popular Pujas are follow

  1. Fatakesto Kali Puja.
  2. Pramanick Bari Kali Puja
  3. Thanthania Kalibari
  4. Lake Kali Bari & many more

Photography Exhibited at Budge Budge Library

Budge Budge Maheshtala Nature Study Centre – Member organization of Paschim Banga Vigyan Mancha & W. B. Mountaineers & Trekkers Confederation organised their 3rd Photography Exhibition & Competition from 17th August to 18th August 2019 at Budge Budge Public Library supported by Studio Image and Budge Budge Public Library.

IMG_3841_Sukanta Pal_LR
GOPR1329_Sukanta Pal_LR
GOPR1342_Sukanta Pal_LR
GOPR1332_Sukanta Pal_LR

My one of the photograph exhibited in this exhibition organised by Budge Budge Maheshtala Nature Study Centre. This exhibition inaugurated on 17th August 2019 by Eminent Artist Mr. Samir Aich along with chief guests Mr. Ashok Dev – M.L.A, Smt. Phulu Dey – Chairperson, mr. goutam Dasgupta – Vice Chairman, Mr. Tapas Sinha – I.C Budge Budge Police Station, Mr. Nabyendu Chakraborty – Sec PNNM (South 24 Parganas District), Mr. Prasanta Mondal – Sec WBMTC, Mr. Ujjal Ganguly – National Scholar Govt. Art College and Mr. Joyraj Samanta – Eminent Photographer & Judge.

IMG_3889_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_3907_Sukanta Pal_LR
Picture Courtesy – Suvajit Mukherjee
IMG_3917_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_3931_Sukanta Pal_LR
Petal Power
IMG_3928_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_3904_Sukanta Pal_LR
Picture Courtesy – Suvajit Mukherjee

Also my friend Suvajit Mukherjee exhibited in this exhibition.

IMG_3896_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_3886_Sukanta Pal_LR
GOPR1344_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_3865_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_3875_Sukanta Pal_LR

This year Budge Budge Maheshtala Nature Study Centre also celebrating Silver Jubilee 25th Year celebrations of Science Fair.

IMG_3868_Sukanta Pal_LR

About – The centre undertake various programmes to instill the scientific approach into the mind of students and general people. Every year Science Fair, Science-Seminars, Cultural Competitions, Nature Study Camps and other programmes are organized by BUDGE BUDGE MAHESHTALA NATURE STUDY CENTRE. Our aim is to spread Science and science ideas among the young generation students.

IMG_3954_Sukanta Pal_LR
Picture Courtesy – Suvajit Mukherjee

In the year 1986, an organization named Budge-Budge Jana Bigyan Parisad was founded at Budge Budge. Dr. S. P. Das, an orthopedic surgeon of great repute was thefounder president of the organization. 

A group of young, with their positive outlook was the prime force of the organization. Joydev Das, Surojit Dutta, Apurba Karmakar were those who ignited the activeness of the Parisad and popularized popular science among the students in the locality under the tutelage of the respected teachers like Mr. Ajoy Mukherjee, Mr. Bimal Pandit, Mr. Anil Das. Abhijit Bhowmik, Soumen Ghosh and many others.

IMG_3911_Sukanta Pal_LR
Picture Courtesy – Suvajit Mukherjee

In the year 2001 the organization was re-named with BUDGE BUDGE MAHESHTALA NATURE STUDY CENTRE (earlier it was named as Budge Budge College Nature Study Centre).

IMG_3993_Sukanta Pal_LR

Thanks to Mr. Abhijit Bhowmick – General Secretary, Mr. Joydeb Das – Secretary, Mr. Swapnomoy Ghosh and Mr. Sounak Dutta – Joint Secretary, Org. Committee, Mr. Goutam Khanra – Secretary Budge Budge Public Library, Mr. Anup Bagchi – Studio Image. Special thanks to Sounak Dutta for everything.

My Kolkata in Kolkata Photography Exhibition 2019

Just reached home after awesome My Kolkata in Kolkata Photography Exhibition 2019 opening preview on 30th July 2019, Tuesday (5 pm) at Kolkata Centre for Creativity. It was rainy day here in Kolkata, but that’s not effect on people coming up this exhibition, it was very nice intimate gathering. Personally I love Rain so much it’s lucky for me and also bring lots of creative smell too. In Chinese Tradition they worship rain like a god it’s means lucky for them same for me also.

GOPR1296_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_2223_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_2286_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_4883_Sukanta Pal_LR
Photo Courtesy – Soumyadeep Kundu

Kolkata’s art, culture, music, food, people, street photography and many other things you can’t find elsewhere. That’s why lots of people traveled so many country and complete their higher studied and others then always came back to this City of Joy – Kolkata for give it back. It’s happy to say that now Kolkata has their New Modern Beautiful Architectural with high-end amenities centre called Kolkata Centre for Creativity. Also one more space I love to mention that is Experimenter Gallery (and The Harrington Street Arts Centre). This is one of the finest space for it’s own aura, personally I love that. That space now has two building restored heritage building of Kolkata, first one is Gariahat and new one Ballygunge. This type of spaces help to curate international exhibition and interactive creative event.

IMG_2258_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_2264_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_2271_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_2278_Sukanta Pal_LR

Kolkata Centre for Creativity or KCC in short loved the experience must say. I always prefer some kind of luxury hotel or posh space to showcase and networking like minded people like International gallery. But this place gave that posh high profile experience like a 7 star hotel and most importantly it helps to interact with people and listen their precious stories.

IMG_2279_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_2288_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_2282_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_2256_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_2292_Sukanta Pal_LR

It’s a great honour for me part of this photography exhibition beautifully Curated by Reena Dewan and whole team for their contributions. I congratulate her for this wonderful idea about Kolkata and listen their stories and KCC for the support. This exhibition in collaboration/partnership with Tourism Department, Govt.of West Bengal. I think this helps to spread out those stories internationally and also influence tourism of West Bengal.

It’s was well organised event in terms of guest, press people, celebrities, dignitaries, food and people of kolkata and others everything was there.

GOPR1301_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_2290_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_2298_Sukanta Pal_LR

I love Behind the Scene or making of any kind of event and Wrap up or Packup those thing give me goosebump to my creative. So I went little early to see that behind the scene work going on. For me this was precious than main event. I captured few behind the sense moment. Mostly people don’t care or ignore those thing. And believe me I captured always these moments. You know that staff or people working to make it happen they are not photographed or captured normally, it’s like people don’t see it that details. Always when I captured some moments and give them enough potential to became a hero of my frame it’s great felling. And sometime eye exchange, we smile and they are happy or shock that guy clicking our photographs, we are not special we are normal people no one love to write or waste their shutter count or memory. In future I love to do some story about them.

IMG_2299_Sukanta Pal_LR

I already wrote another blog post regarding making of it, I have little time to make it happen, don’t know how was it. You can read here and share your thought. I don’t think normally you came across such blog post and I love to document those moments. In film culture BTS film is there for fulfilled the requirement for Submit the main film (for Authenticity). One more thing after rolling we can’t check ISO and others setting normally like Photos. Very Interesting fact that when I was searching for my video after published I saw that very few video produced and published online to see others work curating exhibition and event.

IMG_2310_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_4873_Sukanta Pal_LR
Photo Courtesy – Argha Seal

I’m not capturing fully everything I know, but like from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Life me jitna bhi try karo, kuch na kuch to chootega he. Isliye jahan hain, wahan ka he mazaa lete hain na

Not exactly fit in this case, I mean to say that I can’t capture whole event I have to participate and listen to others also, So I managed both and perfectly captured and Rolled some moments also keep it very simple and short. I smartly planned and managed successfully.

IMG_4876_Sukanta Pal_LR
Photo Courtesy – Argha Seal

By the way after a long time I write so many things in detail in single blog post, I don’t know in this digital age people will read or not, nowadays people love short text content more photos and videos consume like a fast food. Actually we lost our tradition and culture to write like a blog post with own thoughts and stories. Interestingly right now YouTube VLOG is very popular for same concept though.

IMG_4901_Sukanta Pal_LR
Photo Courtesy – Soumyadeep Kundu

Now typical information like news article My Kolkata in Kolkata Photography Exhibition 2019 opening preview held on 30th July 2019, Tuesday at Kolkata Centre for Creativity. This exhibition inaugurated by Dr. Jayanta Sengupta, who is the Secretary and Curator of Victoria Memorial along with Ms. Ruby Palchowdhury, the General Secretary of Craft Council of West Bengal, Mr. Jürgen Thomas Schrod – German Deputy Consul General and Mrs.Richa Agarwal, Executive Director, Kolkata centre for Creativity and eminent dignitaries.

My Kolkata in Kolkata Photography Exhibition 2019_Sukanta Pal_LR

This My Kolkata in Kolkata Photography Exhibition 2019 Will continue till 4th of August 2019, you can visit here during 11 am to 7 pm everyday. And if you are not coming for whatsoever reason hope this piece of blog post with photos, videos and others information help you to discover this exhibition differently.

IMG_4906_Sukanta Pal_LR
Photo Courtesy – Soumyadeep Kundu

Now this location little far from the city by public transport that’s why people little lazy for coming (including me also) but slowly it will develop that’s for sure. And people will come for the value this space provide.

IMG_4921_Sukanta Pal_LR
Photo Courtesy – Soumyadeep Kundu

Making of My Kolkata in Kolkata Photo Exhibition 2019

Kolkata, the City of Joy has many faces. From Heritage and Historical buildings in the North, to sprawling green lawns in the Centre to Posh localities in South and most contemporary urban spaces in the East. This city hides many stories in each corner. 

IMG_1821_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_1807_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_1790_Sukanta Pal_LR

From Curator Reena Dewan

The city fascinated me from the day I stepped in Kolkata 12 years ago. The warm smiling faces of local bengalies were very welcoming and at times made me wonder how could people be so happy irrespective of the strata of society they belonged to. Sometimes I would spot young and old alike deeply engrossed in playing chess under a bridge while returning from office with laptop bags hanging on their shoulders. And other times just reading news from the paper that was put on wall as part of an old practice. I would hear stories of people’s journeys in Trams, yellow taxies or in Metro enveloped in nostalgia. A visit to #Badabazaar#NewMarket or #Chandanicould fetch you outstanding experiences. How some love stories that germinated during daily travels on river hooghly saw the happy endings and some only remained embedded deep in memories. #JadavpurUniversity#PresidencyUniversity#CalcuttaUniversity#RabindraBhartiUniversity#GovtArtCollege #StXaviersCollege the meccas of education in Kolkata may have more tales to tell than 80 years of Indian Cinema. 

The thought of knowing more such stories has inspired her to curate the Exhibition My Kolkata in Kolkata.

IMG_1786_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_1789_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_1782_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_1779_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_1751_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_1757_Sukanta Pal_LR

Kolkata Centre for Creativity in association West Bengal Tourism presents ‘My Kolkata in Kolkata’ – a photography exhibition, curated by Reena Dewan, representing the essence of Kolkata.
Showcasing both emerging and established photographers, the exhibition will be inaugurated on 30th July 2019 at Kolkata Centre for Creativity, 1st Floor by Dr. Jayanta Sengupta, who is the Secretary and Curator of Victoria Memorial along with Ms. Ruby Palchowdhury, the General Secretary of Craft Council of West Bengal and Mrs.Richa Agarwal, Executive Director, Kolkata centre for Creativity.

Kolkata is not just a city, but an assimilation of diverse moods and emotions. My Kolkata in Kolkata – an exhibition embodying the spirit of Kolkata with images by emerging and established photographers.

Join us to discover the many facets of the City of Joy through photographs opening preview on 30th July 2019 at 5pm

My Kolkata in Kolkata

This photography exhibition will be continue from 30th July to 4th August, at Kolkata Centre for Creativity 1st Floor.