Millennium Youth Kolkata – Sukanta Pal

Date: 21/04/2018  | Saturday | The Creative Storyteller

Be your own Boss Event |#BeYourOwnBoss Presented by Millennium Youth Kolkata

21st of April | 2.30 pm

Address : IMI Classroom, 2/4C Judges Court Road Alipore Kolkata – 700027


Divyanshu Damani

At the age when people struggle to rise over the stress of future, complaints about pressure, issues of time management and arguments on no party life, this guy from Kolkata is living his vision, dream and plan with no ignorance towards his interests. People know him as a speaker, storyteller, entrepreneur, video blogger, presenter and adventurer. He is Divyanshu Damani – the Marvel of Kolkata.


Avantika Saraogi Butta

First time entrepreneur Avantika Saraogi Butta,is the Partner for Monkey Bar, and The Fatty Bao in Kolkata. Having dabbled in several different passions, Avantika’s love for people and good food – finally drew her to taking on the partnership for Monkey Barand The Fatty Bao in Kolkata.
A budding Fine Art Photographer from Calcutta; she graduated with BA (Honours) in Dance & Photography from Scripps College, Claremont, California in May 2013. She received the Art Department Innovation Award for this series during the Scripps College Senior Art Show & thesis showcase.
Avantika is also very passionate about riding and she pursues equestrian show jumping and dressage riding on a daily basis. She has been competing for 2 years in regional and national competitions across the country and also owns successful racehorses.


Note : When you see your Photograph on poster that felling 🙂



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