Kolkata Arts Lane Festival 2019 at Hindustan Park

This Sunday Art Rickshaw  hosted second edition after successfully hosted Unicorn Street Art Festival 2018. This year they change the festival name to Kolkata Arts Lane Festival 2019. It was take place at Popular lane nearby Gariahat called Hindustan Park 2nd lane. It’s famous for street art during Durga Puja Festival.

IMG_5459_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_5614_Sukanta Pal_LR

KALFest 2019 happened on 6th of January 2019 , Sunday – Kolkata’s first arts lane festival.

IMG_5465_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_5466_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_5475_Sukanta Pal_LR

Imagine yourself strolling through a lane with art installations and Artwork from around the country – while eating your favorite snacks and garam chai, under a cascade of fairy lights and a crisp winter chill all while waltzing to some fun beats. If that’s not a perfect Sunday, we don’t know what is!

IMG_5476_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_5486_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_5491_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_5499_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_5504_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_5514_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_5520_Sukanta Pal_LR

One of the installation was done by using Utkarsh India’s PVC pipes. This installation was one of the highlights of the Kolkata Arts Lane Festival, 2019.

IMG_5620_Sukanta Pal_LR

One such artwork which amazed all was the one created by architect Abin Chaudhuri. The installation formed a threshold, marking the festive street and entangling people in the art as they enter. Following the theme of the fest –Memphis Arts Movement, the pipes formed a 3D maze like sculpture. One had to find their way through this interactive piece of urban art to get to the other side of the street.

Utkarsh India

Abin Chaudhuri has graduated from Jadavpur University, Kolkata in 1998, thereafter pursuing Industrial Design at Domus Academy, Milan. Abin Chaudhuri describes himself as a creative mind constantly in the process of exploration of new thoughts and ideas, new materials and technology, drawing inspiration from ordinary things. He believes in extensive research work and being open to what’s happening worldwide and is extremely passionate about the work he does.

IMG_5603_Sukanta Pal_LR

Utkarsh, as the name suggests, is a responsive business house committed to bettering the quality of life. Utkarsh India is closely linked to various areas of infrastructural development and growth in this country, from railways, telecom and highways etc. The embedded philosophy of the brand statement “Life Demands, We Deliver”, symbolizes that the company will always deliver responding to the ever changing demands of life which has made the company reach a revenue of 1000 crore in less than 10 years.

IMG_5527_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_5539_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_5556_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_5558_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_5572_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_5590_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_5593_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_5641_Sukanta Pal_LR

It was great Sunday from morning to night lots of event, workshop, performance and others thing constantly happening, very good footfall during this time. Some people also comparing this festival with Mumbai – kKala Ghoda festival. Overall great education and entertainment blending hoping next year will be more unique.

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