KIPF – Kolkata International Photography Festival 2019

On this rainy evening of 27th February 2019, Wednesday at Indian Museum Kolkata inaugurated KIPF – Kolkata International Photography Festival 2019. Due to unexpected sudden rain main opening area shift to indoor area. We miss grand courtyard of Indian Museum.

IMG_2071_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_2053_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_2082_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_2074_Sukanta Pal_LR

About KIPF

Kolkata, with her rich history of art, culture, politics and persona has been a photographer’s Mecca not for decades, but two whole centuries. Myriads of lensmen around the world have been drawn to this city for its heady mix of tradition and expression.

IMG_2108_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_2104_Sukanta Pal_LR

Kolkata is all set to house the largest repertoire of works from the heart of Europe to the end of Africa at the Kolkata International Photography Festival 2019 to celebrate the entire photographic community in its whole – the amateurs, the enthusiasts, the professionals, the critiques – to represent photography as an art form.

Raghu Rai – YOGI of Photography

IMG_2143_Sukanta Pal_LR

For the first time ever,under the aegis of Maya Arts studio, this 7 day festival shall bear witness to the works of the world’s greatest masters –some never-seen-before photographs celebrating Kolkata and its craft of visual storytelling.

IMG_2147_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_2154_Sukanta Pal_LR

This festival Directors or ideation or curated or organised by Madhuchhanda Sen and Kounteya Sinha with help of respective and eminent personalities.

IMG_2157_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_2160_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_2179_Sukanta Pal_LR
Photo Courtesy : Chaitali Banerjee
IMG_2203_Sukanta Pal_LR
Photo Courtesy : Manojit Mitra

Starting KIPF from 28th february to 6th March 2019. See you at this Asia’s Maha Kumbh of Photography.

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