Photography Exhibited at Budge Budge Library

Budge Budge Maheshtala Nature Study Centre – Member organization of Paschim Banga Vigyan Mancha & W. B. Mountaineers & Trekkers Confederation organised their 3rd Photography Exhibition & Competition from 17th August to 18th August 2019 at Budge Budge Public Library supported by Studio Image and Budge Budge Public Library.

IMG_3841_Sukanta Pal_LR
GOPR1329_Sukanta Pal_LR
GOPR1342_Sukanta Pal_LR
GOPR1332_Sukanta Pal_LR

My one of the photograph exhibited in this exhibition organised by Budge Budge Maheshtala Nature Study Centre. This exhibition inaugurated on 17th August 2019 by Eminent Artist Mr. Samir Aich along with chief guests Mr. Ashok Dev – M.L.A, Smt. Phulu Dey – Chairperson, mr. goutam Dasgupta – Vice Chairman, Mr. Tapas Sinha – I.C Budge Budge Police Station, Mr. Nabyendu Chakraborty – Sec PNNM (South 24 Parganas District), Mr. Prasanta Mondal – Sec WBMTC, Mr. Ujjal Ganguly – National Scholar Govt. Art College and Mr. Joyraj Samanta – Eminent Photographer & Judge.

IMG_3889_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_3907_Sukanta Pal_LR
Picture Courtesy – Suvajit Mukherjee
IMG_3917_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_3931_Sukanta Pal_LR
Petal Power
IMG_3928_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_3904_Sukanta Pal_LR
Picture Courtesy – Suvajit Mukherjee

Also my friend Suvajit Mukherjee exhibited in this exhibition.

IMG_3896_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_3886_Sukanta Pal_LR
GOPR1344_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_3865_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_3875_Sukanta Pal_LR

This year Budge Budge Maheshtala Nature Study Centre also celebrating Silver Jubilee 25th Year celebrations of Science Fair.

IMG_3868_Sukanta Pal_LR

About – The centre undertake various programmes to instill the scientific approach into the mind of students and general people. Every year Science Fair, Science-Seminars, Cultural Competitions, Nature Study Camps and other programmes are organized by BUDGE BUDGE MAHESHTALA NATURE STUDY CENTRE. Our aim is to spread Science and science ideas among the young generation students.

IMG_3954_Sukanta Pal_LR
Picture Courtesy – Suvajit Mukherjee

In the year 1986, an organization named Budge-Budge Jana Bigyan Parisad was founded at Budge Budge. Dr. S. P. Das, an orthopedic surgeon of great repute was thefounder president of the organization. 

A group of young, with their positive outlook was the prime force of the organization. Joydev Das, Surojit Dutta, Apurba Karmakar were those who ignited the activeness of the Parisad and popularized popular science among the students in the locality under the tutelage of the respected teachers like Mr. Ajoy Mukherjee, Mr. Bimal Pandit, Mr. Anil Das. Abhijit Bhowmik, Soumen Ghosh and many others.

IMG_3911_Sukanta Pal_LR
Picture Courtesy – Suvajit Mukherjee

In the year 2001 the organization was re-named with BUDGE BUDGE MAHESHTALA NATURE STUDY CENTRE (earlier it was named as Budge Budge College Nature Study Centre).

IMG_3993_Sukanta Pal_LR

Thanks to Mr. Abhijit Bhowmick – General Secretary, Mr. Joydeb Das – Secretary, Mr. Swapnomoy Ghosh and Mr. Sounak Dutta – Joint Secretary, Org. Committee, Mr. Goutam Khanra – Secretary Budge Budge Public Library, Mr. Anup Bagchi – Studio Image. Special thanks to Sounak Dutta for everything.

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