Armenians Christmas Kolkata

Armenians celebrated Christmas every year on 6th January at Armenian Church, Kolkata or Armenian Church of the Holy Nazareth. This is very interesting to see those rituals and activities, Though last two year they did not allow photographers/filmmakers to shoot their rituals without prior permission of there new father of Armenian Church Kolkata. But back then they allow photographers/filmmakers to shoot. The reason maybe crowded, privacy & other things. I was there to document Armenian Christmas celebration at Armenian Church, Kolkata or Armenian Church of the Holy Nazareth, unfortunately that year father was changed and they not allowing to photograph/film year of 2016 . If you want to photograph/film you need a permission from father (from Armenian College) before hand this festival.

IMG_5059_Sukanta_Pal_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_5053_Sukanta_Pal_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_5088_Sukanta_Pal_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_5086_Sukanta_Pal_Sukanta Pal_LR

This Armenian Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas at Armenian Church, Kolkata. This celebration very exclusive to this particular church.

What: Armenians Christmas Celebration

When: 6th January (Every Year)

Where: Armenian Church, Kolkata (near Chitpur)

Address: 2, Armenian Street, Bortola, Barabazar Market, Kolkata, West Bengal 700001

Google Map Link: Click here

IMG_5100_Sukanta_Pal_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_5081_Sukanta_Pal_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_5151_Sukanta_Pal_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_5069_Sukanta_Pal_Sukanta Pal_LR

2015 was great year in-terms of documentation this festival and shooting exclusive coverage.

IMG_5062_Sukanta_Pal_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_5161_Sukanta_Pal_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_5171_Sukanta_Pal_Sukanta Pal_LR
IMG_5179_Sukanta_Pal_Sukanta Pal_LR

I will attached some of my friends blog links for more exclusive coverage of this celebration. Must read

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Thanks a ton Rangan Dutta, Sumit Surai, Indrajit Das & Subhadip Mukherjee for excellent blog post regarding this festival. I hope readers will enjoy reading those masterpieces.

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